Fun Family Activities to Keep Busy At Home

During this pandemic, it's a challenge to keep my family busy doing fun activities, especially the smallest members. Here are some ways I keep her interested and excited about being at home.

We get busy gardening. My daughter loves flowers so planting and taking care of flower seeds is very exciting. As she plants, she learns about soil, the sun, and how things grow. I also helped her plant seeds in a terrarium so she could watch the growth inside the house when the weather outside doesn't permit.


Chalking is super fun for her as well. So for another activity, we have a driveway obstacle course where she can learn her letters and numbers while running, jumping, and spinning. It's a great form of exercise and provides day-after-day of play.

Chalk Obstacle Course

Lastly, my daughter is a whiz in the kitchen. She loves to get involved so we cook often. I let her do all of the easy tasks - that don't involve fire or cutting. One of her favorite dishes to make is pizza.

Making Pizza

It's super easy to do. We just take store-bought pizza crust, marinara sauce, cheese, and pepperoni and spread it all on. In less than 15 minutes’ time, we have a fun snack. 

Share with us how you spend your family time!