How to Make Shadow Boxes for Senior Gifts & Awards

Shadow Boxes for Your Seniors
Shadow Boxes are a simple but memorable gift for the graduated seniors to be presented at the end of the season banquet. While Zumo cannot fabricate the Shadow Boxes for you. We definitely can show you how!
  • Shadow Boxes can be purchased at most Retail Stores such as Target, WalMart, Michaels or any local craft store. Here are links to purchase online:
  • Let's Get Started
    • Pull or Unhinge the backing away from the frame. Pull out any matting or material that will impede the mementos and awards.
    • Gather all items.... Make sure you contact the Zumo Sales Team to decide on the best Zumo products options.
    • Organize items against the backing. In order to get an understanding of the look.
      • Layering pictures, suits, caps, awards looks great and adds depth.
      • Mark locations.
    • Pull items off the shadow box backing. Place double side tape or a dab of super glue in the marked location. 
    • Firmly press and arrange items in place. 
    • If your shadow box has a glass front or very little depth the items may have a compressed look against the glass. 
    • Put the backing back into place with tabs or hinge lock
    • Your Done!
  • If you would like help over the phone click here to contact our creative sales team.

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