Blue Denim Cut-Out Tank

Our Women's Cut-Out Tank is designed to allow high-performance in a variety of water sports with a streamlined, Vitamin D-friendly tank style that won't hold you back.

This swimsuit mimics a stone-washed blue denim set of overalls with a chest pocket. There are three roses on the suit. One on the left rib cage, one on the right lower hip, and one on the right backside "pocket."

Why we love it...

  • Luxuriously soft poly/spandex fabric from Italy
  • Narrow straps to reduce pull on shoulders
  • Open back style with medium rear coverage
  • Gorgeous colors that never fade
  • Made in California with love
    zumo sizing chart

    Athletic Swimsuits for the Bold

    Passion doesn’t come in solid colors. For those who are passionate about water sports, from swimming to surfing, standard swimwear just doesn’t cut it. The founders of ZUMO combined their love of design with their passion for sport to create athletic swimsuits that look as great as they perform.

    Sizing Guide

    For Best Results, Follow These Instructions:

    HIP: Measure around the fullest part of your hips. Keep the tape horizontal to the floor.

    WAIST: Measure around the narrowest part of your torso, typically across the navel and the small of your back. Keep the tape horizontal to the floor.

    CHEST: Measure the fullest part of the chest, be sure to go over the shoulder blades in back. While chest measurement does not impact suit sizing, having the measurement on file will simplify other product orders.

    zumo sizing chart
    zumo sizing chart