Athletic Swimsuits for the Bold

Passion doesn’t come in solid colors. For those who are passionate about water sports, from swimming to surfing, standard swimwear just doesn’t cut it. The founders of ZUMO combined their love of design with their passion for sport to create athletic swimsuits that look as great as they perform.

The Land of the Water People

Ask Anne-Marie and Giovanni Napolitano how many hours they think they’ve spent in the water, and they’ll just smile. No doubt they were having too much fun to count. These two water people, who grew up in California and Italy respectively, have been in and around water sports from birth - swimming, surfing, water polo, water skiing, SUP….you name it, they love it.


Athletic Swimsuits

They first met while playing professional water polo in Giovanni's native Italy and later moved to Anne-Marie's home state of California. After their athletic careers, they began their professional careers in the fashion industry and at a tech start-up, but when they found there was a hole in the swimwear market for fashionable, athletic swimwear for teams, they decided to go all-in and launch their own brand, manufactured in California.

Immediately, top NCAA teams became ZUMO’s most loyal customers. ZUMO rapidly expanded its offering to include a full assortment of competitive swimwear for swimming, diving and water polo as well as custom apparel and accessories for every level athlete. They found that not only did coaches and parents want high-quality competition swimsuits, they also needed an ally to help them through the order process. Superior customer service became the cornerstone of the ZUMO team ordering experience with responsive Team Sales Reps, fast lead times, incredible design services and easy check-out team shops.


Competitive Swimwear
Competition Swimsuits

Today ZUMO offers teams the best custom sublimated swimwear, apparel, and accessories in the market and designs one-of-a-kind collections each season for anyone who wants an athletic swimsuit that reflects their unique style.