Team Orders FAQ

What is the lead time for team orders?

All swimwear, water polo caps, team apparel, and swim caps have a 3 week production time. Custom Microfiber Robes take 4 weeks to produce. Add 1 business day to the production time of any personalized products (i.e., individual names added) or large orders with individual shipment. ZUMO guarantees all lead times on our custom orders.

How to Design Swimwear for Your Team?

  1. Complete a Design Request Form or just email
  2. ZUMO Team Sales Rep will help you select custom styles for your team.
  3. Receive & review custom designs created by our design team.
  4. Request a FREE size kit for your team.
  5. Launch your Team Shop with your custom designs.
  6. Share your Team Shop with the team for easy ordering.
  7. Receive all of your custom products!

What is the best material for swimwear?

The best swimsuits are made with the best performance fabrics available.  Every style in our sublimated assortment uses fabric that optimizes fit and performance for the sport and age of the athlete by balancing durability, comfort, and stretch.

How to Size Competition Swimsuit Orders?

Everyone likes their swimsuit to fit differently depending on the sport, age and general comfort level desired. Also, keep in mind that every brand sizes swimwear differently. At ZUMO, we highly recommend all team customers to request a FREE size kit from your Team Sales Rep (best option). If you don’t have time to use a size kit, you can refer to our Size Guide to learn how to measure your athlete and find the best size.