Team Orders

How to Order

We make ordering custom team gear easy, fast, and fun. Our team will assist you from start to finish, which means you can get back to what you love most—the joy of sport.

As athletes ourselves, we understand that quality and design effect how an athlete feels and performs. We’re dedicated to creating designs that inspire and products that withstand the challenges of any sport.

  1. 1. Choose your styles.

    Check out our Custom Product Catalog or contact one of our Team Sales Reps to begin choosing the styles you want. We have everything from swimwear to team apparel to coaching accessories.

  2. 2. Customize your gear.

    If your team has a logo and/or design files, send them to one of our our Team Sales Reps in the form of an .ai, .eps, or .pdf file. If your team doesn’t have pre-made design files or logos, that’s great, it means we get to do what we love most: design one-of-a-kind gear for your team. We’ll work with you to ensure the final design will represent your team and inspire your athletes.

  3. 3. Request a size kit.

    We ship FREE size kits upon request. It’s important that every athlete on your team feels great wearing their custom gear. Each kit includes a return shipping label, making it easy to send back when you’re done.

  4. 4. Place team order.

    There are two easy options for placing an order. We can create an on-line Team Shop for you, which will include all your team’s custom gear selections so each athlete can order exactly what they want. The payment process is fast and easy with Team Shop—athletes and parents can pay directly through our website. As the admin, you’ll have direct access to the account so you can monitor orders as they are placed. As soon as your Team Shop is closed, we’ll begin production. Or, if you’d prefer to order without a Team Shop, simply email a purchase order, including sizes and quantities, to your Team Sales Rep. We’ll begin production once we receive the order.

  5. 5. Sit back and relax.

    Production! We want your athletes to have their gear as quickly as possible. Most of our items have a guaranteed production time of three weeks or less. If we guarantee three weeks and it takes longer, your team will receive a discount or team credit.

  6. 6. Delivery

    Delivery day is always an exciting day for any team. Your team is proud, well-trained, pumped up, and now ready to perform their very best. Completed orders will be shipped in bulk to the team admin at the address you select. We ship using ground shipping, unless otherwise requested.

Easy. Fast. Fun. That's how we roll.


Do you offer team apparel like t-shirts and sweatshirts?

Yes! We offer a wide variety of team apparel including t-shirts, hoodies, warm-up jackets & pants, parkas, hats and more. Make sure your team looks united both in the water and on the deck, contact a Sales Rep to learn more!

How long will my order take to produce?

Almost all styles take 3 weeks or less to produce, guaranteed. We produce all our styles in California so you get the fastest turnaround possible and the highest quality.

I want to learn more about Team Shops!

Tired of collecting checks, requesting purchase orders and chasing down that last athlete to complete your order? Not to fear, Team Shops are here! Once you have finalized your team’s designs we will create a custom Team Shop for your team with just your products on it. We will send you the unique link to your Team Shop so you can easily email it to your team or post on your team’s website. We will also create a Team Admin account for you so you can check on your orders at any time to see who has placed their order. Just let us know what dates you would like the shop to be open and once it is closed we will begin producing your order. When the order is ready, we will ship all orders together to the Team Admin (that’s you) to the address you request. A few athletes missed the deadline? No problem! We can re-open your shop at any time upon your request.

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