Weighted Vests
Weighted Vests
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Weighted Vests

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With a variety of weighted vest options you can add further weight to your athletes in and out of water training. Weight Vests are also a great option for training during drills with the ball as they force your athletes to activate their core and lower back to carry correct position in the water. When choosing weight keep your athletes strength and abilities in mind. 

- Weight Options Range from 1lb - 40lbs. Removable packs for convenient and easy weight adjustment.

- Made of nylon and breathable mesh. Reinforced Construction.

- Vests are one size fits all. Adjust the straps to keep snug against your body.

- Weighted with Lead Pebble.

- Rinse off with non-chlorinated water after use.

- Leave in open air to hang dry. Click here for storage rack options.